Saturday, 29 January 2011

New name for Calico

Calico is one of the cats I feed on my plot - except that for the past few days she has been waiting at the pavilion for me each morning. The three pavilion cats do not like her so instead of feeding the Three first, I drive to my plot with Calico galloping along behind my car.

Once we are at my plot she comes within inches of my legs, rubbing herself on everything in her way (but fortunately not on my legs!) This is a feral cat who has had no contact with people until the past year. One day when I put her food down she scratched my hand, and another time she scratched my leg as I walked past.

The other three Plot Cats are very wary of her.

I have re-named her 'Psycho'!


  1. Give her time as being feral she doesn't know any different!
    Mind you like people there's always one isn't there! Flighty xx

  2. She seems to be getting more and more confident every day - the opposite is happening to me! I have to flap my jacket or clap my hands to make her move away from me.
    As you say Flightplot, there's always one!