Monday, 14 January 2013

The cats have their own shed now

We have been a bit worried about the cats not having anywhere warm to shelter during bad weather but one of our plot holders came up the good idea of putting up a shed which would be solely for the cats to use.

We bought a small 6' x 4' shed and put it up in a sheltered area at the back of our meeting room where the cats were used to being fed.

We've cut a space for a cat flap in the door but we haven't fitted one yet.  It might be best if they get the hang of going in and out first.

Psycho didn't have a problem knowing how to get out, but she is a very clever cat.

Their food will be put inside the shed from now on - this is Psycho and Felix tucking in this morning.

Cats Protection very kindly donated some 'Cat Castles' for them to sleep in.