Monday, 14 January 2013

The cats have their own shed now

We have been a bit worried about the cats not having anywhere warm to shelter during bad weather but one of our plot holders came up the good idea of putting up a shed which would be solely for the cats to use.

We bought a small 6' x 4' shed and put it up in a sheltered area at the back of our meeting room where the cats were used to being fed.

We've cut a space for a cat flap in the door but we haven't fitted one yet.  It might be best if they get the hang of going in and out first.

Psycho didn't have a problem knowing how to get out, but she is a very clever cat.

Their food will be put inside the shed from now on - this is Psycho and Felix tucking in this morning.

Cats Protection very kindly donated some 'Cat Castles' for them to sleep in.


  1. Lucky them, it's bigger and better than my shed! Flighty xx

  2. Only the best for our cats!

    1. Quite right too, I'd do the same! xx

  3. A nice shelter for the kitties, especially with the smaller places inside where they can get/keep warm.

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