Friday, 24 June 2011


Janet is getting more confident and runs over to me every morning.

She seems to want attention and loves me to stroke her. Janet was such a shy kitten and would run away as soon as people went anywhere near her but she has changed recently. I try picking her up every day but she still isn't too happy about it. She never tries to scratch or bite me though, thank goodness!

Sometimes she lies on her back, purring.


  1. Pretty cat, I see she has the 'neutered-tip' to her ear. I love the second photo - just inviting a tickle :)

  2. I know that Triangle was your favourite, and will be fondly remembered but I think that Janet will help make up for her loss. She's a lovely looking cat but don't be fooled into trying to stroke her tummy as she may well try to scratch and bite you.
    Talking of which how is Calico nowadays...I'm guessing that she's just as spirited as ever! Flighty xx

  3. Hawthorn, yes Janet has been neutered, as have all the other five allotment cats. I am taking Flighty's advice and not risking a tickle on her tummy though!

    Calico/Psycho is as mad as ever. She follows me all over the plot then throws herself down on her back at my feet. She is one cat I will definitely NOT be tickling!