Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Helpful Psycho

Psycho decided to help me plant some strawberries today. I was just about to dig a hole for one when she plonked herself down and stuck her paw under the covering.

I thought it would be best to wait till she moved before I continued planting.

Wanda and Keith are such lovely cats and really friendly with each other.

E.T. is quite nasty with the other cats. She doesn't seem to like any of them to go close to her.


  1. That's cats for you! Perhaps Wanda and Keith are siblings.
    Some cats are real loners so don't be too surprised at E.T.'s behaviour.
    Lovely photos, and it's good to see how contented they all look! Flighty xx

  2. Thanks Flighty. I appreciate your comments because I really don't know much about cats and need all the help I can get!