Tuesday, 12 April 2011

She's a real allotment cat

Although Psycho still occasionally swipes at me, she is starting to behave more like a 'normal' cat. I had cats as a child, but never as an adult so my knowledge and experience of them is limited to our allotment ferals.

Psycho follows me everywhere. Sometimes it is impossible to walk down the path because she will fling herself down just in front of me.

I had to laugh today when I saw where she had settled for a sleep - inside a seed tray!


  1. It good to know that she's being less 'hissy' and more 'normal!
    They often seem to chose the most unlikely sleeping spots.
    I think that you should now revert to calling her Calico. Flighty xx

  2. Hello! We saw your interview in Your Cat Magazine. We're blogging cats and have been blogging for over two years now. It's always nice to meet new friends!

  3. Flighty, she never hisses at me now - today she even purred! But yesterday she had a swipe at my legs when I turned my back on her. She follows me all over the plot and only leaves my side when someone comes to talk to me. I might go back to 'Calico', but somehow 'Psycho' seems to suit her better!

    The Paw Relations - I'd forgotten all about that interview, I'll have to get a copy of Your Cat and have a look.
    Your blog is really good!

  4. Hi there! We're one of the other blogging cats mentioned in that article! Lovely to meet you - our copy arrived in the post this morning, so maybe you'll get your copy soon!

    With Psycho, you can always make your visits the highlight of her day, with a couple of yummy scraps of ham or bacon - then she'll associate you with GOOD things! :-)

    How exciting...

  5. Thanks for your comment Freya's Staff, it's nice to meet you too!
    I received a copy of Your Cat this morning, it was a bit scarey to see myself there but Triangle looks lovely!
    Do cats eat cheese? We are vegetarian so we don't have ham or bacon at home.

  6. "Do cats eat cheese?"

    Depends on the cat. For example, Luna loves most cheese, especially chedder. The other two sniff at it and walk away.

    If you do fish, a bit of tuna or salmon might make Psycho happy, at least until the treats run out.