Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Psycho has started jumping up onto the table while I am potting plants.

She seems to want to be as close as possible to me, which is a bit worrying!


  1. She's obviously inquisitive and wants to see what you're doing. Just keep an eye on her when she's there! Flighty xx

  2. I daren't take my eyes off her Flighty! She's swiped me a couple of times in the past few days so I can't relax around her.

  3. Is it possible Psycho is just trying to play? If she hasn't had much contact with people, she might not know that she is hurting you.

    We don't know enough about the situation make any firm suggestions, but if it is just claws, no teeth, and just a single swipe, it doesn't sound like she is really trying to hurt you.

  4. Why is it worrying that Psycho wants to be close to you? Surely that shows that she has trust in you?

    Kitty xxx

  5. Thank you Lee County Clowder and Kitty for your comments.

    The other day she was rubbing around my legs and I happened to glance down just as she was about to scratch and bite me! I clapped my hands and said "NO!" and she stopped. I am really not used to cats. I have had dogs for years and have never, ever been bitten by any of them.

    Psycho never hisses at me so I assume her swiping and (almost) biting are her way of playing?

    Kitty:- You are right, I think she does trust me, but I don't trust her! In one way I am very pleased that a feral cat has become so tame but I wish she would calm down a little.

  6. Psycho never hisses at me so I assume her swiping and (almost) biting are her way of playing?

    Could be. Most kittens play by swatting, wrestling, and even play-biting at each other.

    Does Psycho let you touch her, rub her head, or cuddle with you? Anything along those lines? If so, she probably is getting pretty comfortable with you, and this could well be her effort to play with you.