Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Feeding and shelters on my plot

I soon realised that putting food outdoors was not very practical so I made a shelter on my plot so it would be protected from the weather.  I am not very good at D I Y but  somehow managed to botch together this one out of a large cardboard box. I covered it with an old adversing banner which had been thrown away by a local supermarket.  I put it on top of an old bread crate to keep it off the ground, and placed it under a table for shelter.

 I put the food inside every day and I know for sure that the cats are eating it because I can see their footprints on the cardboard.

We had some very heavy snow in November and December and I was worried about them getting cold and wet so I found these two shelters which people had thrown away.

I put straw inside this small kennel because I read that straw is good for bedding as it stays dry longer.

I have no idea what this was used for originally but the cats seem to like it, it gets nice and warm when the sun is out.

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