Thursday, 16 December 2010


Not long after Triangle started coming for food we noticed that another kitten came with her.  She is a lovely tabby with ginger shading to the stripes.  I called her 'Janet' for no reason other than I thought it suited her.  She is much more timid than Triangle and although she has stopped hiding while I put her food down, I have so far been unable to stroke her.


Ken managed to get Janet into a pet-carrier and in mid-November she was also taken to the vet and neutered.  Again, we are very grateful to the North Birmingham Cats Protection for all the help and advice they give us. 

Janet is smaller than Triangle and we have no way of knowing if they are from the same litter or not.  Her character is nothing like Triangle's, she is still shy and wary of people she does not know but she is getting better with Ken and me.

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  1. She certainly has wild cat markings but she may just be naturally timid. As you realise they are all as individual in their behaviour as they are in their markings. Flighty xx