Wednesday, 15 December 2010


In August 2010 we were asked by North Birmingham Cats Protection if we would consider rehoming a friendly cat which was more suited to living outside.  We agreed, and Felix came to live on the site.


When he first arrived he had to spend two weeks inside a large cage until he got used to his new surroundings.

One day when I went to feed him I had a shock to see a young kitten in the cage with him.  As soon as it saw me it squeezed out through the bars of the cage and ran away.  It was a feral kitten and very frightened of people, but not of Felix because I found it in the cage with him most mornings.

Felix and Triangle,  the feral kitten
I named this kitten 'Triangle' because of the white shape on its face.  After Felix was released Triangle soon learned that when Felix was fed, he would be too. 

 Felix and Triangle live near the pavilion and have little contact with the four cats who are fed on my plot.

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